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Grid7 Vacation Is Location

Been on vacation? Got amazing Go-pro video footage? Send us your video and we'll display it. If you make a special clip with the grid7 logo in a shot in your own creative way, we reward you with $5 dollars for it. So upload your videos and make sure to send us your address and the link and we'll let you know when itís online

Grid7ís Everything You Need To Get This Summer Rolling

Sadly also this summer its not for everyone. A lot of kids wont be able to roll because lak of money and gear. We can change that. Donate 5 euro or become a sponsor and us together make sure every kids has a chance to roll out and have fun

Sponsors Needed for projects

Sick longboards

The Best Locations

Pier 15
World Skate Center
The Promis

…....or choose anyone of these.


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